nything you Ask, Anywhere Around

An azure relaxation. An adventurous journey. Travelling around the world or just around the corner. Whatever atmosphere you are attracted to, just ask and we make it happen. Amazement. Admiration. Abundance. Are you ready to say aaah all day long?

ll you need, Any occasion

Awakening experiences. Alluring and almost addictive. Travel for business or for pleasure with every detail creatively designed and arranged for you. A concept tailored to all your needs. And with astonishing moments you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

ll-round from A to Z

Attentive. Aware. Always alert to your needs. FAME is an experienced, energetic and ardent team, hands-on and creative. As soon as our FAME Travel Designers start to design, develop, manage and accompany your travel, project or dream, their aim is to accomplish perfection.

re you ready to challenge us?

  • Motivitional Incentive Travel
  • Effective Meetings and Events
  • Luxury Private Travel
  • Creative Incoming Travel